Editorial To Vima: Cynical overlords

The path towards elections, which will last for months, seems like a minefield for the country and its citizens.
Firstly, the prolongation of the electoral period will further aggravate the existing climate of insecurity and uncertainty, while the Greek economy remains in a rut.

There is a surplus of suspicion and doubt and recovery, despite the much-touted exit from bailout memorandums, remains weak and vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the international economy. Trump’s behaviour and the poor climate in international markets does not permit much optimism as regards Greek affairs.

One must not forget that Greece remains effectively barred from the markets, and much-awaited international investors, despite talk to the contrary, do not appear enthused by the much-touted opportunities in Greece.

On the contrary, one might say that protracted political uncertainty and all that accompanies it may shoo away even those who believe that bargains are to be found in Greece.

The domestic social front is bedeviled by low incomes and a persistently high unemployment rate.
The Greeks, who have endured so much for years, cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, and they are incensed.

As time goes by without progress or prospects, antitheses will become sharper and fueled ever more. In a drought-ridden economy and a dried out society, just one spark is enough.

It is not just the economy that is imperiled by the coming prolonged electoral battle, which has been prepared at various levels.

All the evidence to date confirms that this will not be a run of the mill conflict. It is a battle that is intensely divisive, without measure, with no limits, with below the belt blows, with shadows and innuendo, with false witnesses and maligning, with Cold War-style tensions, with flagrant attacks, and without fundamental respect for the traditional mores of the bourgeois state.

Many believe that we have already entered a deeply divisive political cycle, with the instrumentalisation of the judiciary and manufactured charges, which will cast a heavy shadow over the country’s political affairs.

That is because the government and the Prime Minister personally are struggling for their political survival and they are determined by a culture of occupying power.

They have an uneasy relationship with the bourgeois view of political culture, with a smooth succession, and that is why they determine policy as if there is no tomorrow, as if there is no day after for them.

They do not want to and are not in a position to count the consequences of their imprudent actions or to evaluate the impact of the sick cycle of reprisals that they are opening.

It is indicative that they set the stage for the prosecution of their political opponents, and that they easily hasten to mar personalities based on the testimony of disreputable people and on forces for which nothing is sacred.

They are harming the country and undermining democracy. They act like judges but are viewed by most of society as egotists who are interested only in power and do not give a hoot about the country.

They should know that one now has knowledge, and that memory will remain intact.

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